Using Linortek IoTMeter Network Hour Meter to Collect Production Machinery Runtime Data Remotely

The Linortek IoTMeter can be used to monitor runtime of any machinery such from lathes to laser cutters. You will need a constant 12-48VDC power source for the IoTMeter, and a 5-24VDC signal to one of the digital inputs that will switch on and off with the machine to trigger the hour meter. Please note that the voltage to the digital input cannot be from the same source as the power to the unit.

Be advised that many production machines may use a high voltage power supply. Before installing your IoTMeter, ensure no power remains on the circuit. A qualified electrician should perform this installation.

Powering the IoT Meter

First, you will need a power source for your Linortek IoTMeter. Optimally, you can power it using either the supplied 12 volt power supply or via POE. If neither of those are available, your machine may have a 12 to 48VDC circuit you can tap to power your device. Make sure your power source is constant so the IoTMeter remains running. Otherwise the hour meter will not track your machine’s runtime until after the device boots up. Finally, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to your device in order to access the webpage or view the hour meter data.

Wiring Digital Input

Now that you have a power source, next you will need to connect your machine to the IoTMeter’s digital input. You or your electrician will need to identify a 5-24VDC switched power source that will turn on and off with the machine. The IoTMeter will not draw amperage from this source; it only needs to detect a voltage. Tap this power source and wire it to Input 1.

Setting Up the Hour Meter

Now that your IoTMeter has power and a voltage to the digital input, next you have to configure your hour meter. You can locate your IoTMeter on your network using either the Linotek Discoverer app or the Hourmeter Collector app. Choose the device you wish to connect to and log in. Then from the home screen, navigate to the Hours page under the Services drop down menu. Click the box next to Use Meter 1 and next to Trigger select Input 1 then click Update.

Next, navigate to the In/Out page under the Services drop down menu and click the Edit icon under DIN1. Check the Use box and set Type to state. Then enter i in the Command field and click Save. For troubleshooting you may wish to set Display to Values. Upon returning to the In/Out page, the DIN1 value should read 0.

Your Linortek IoT Meter is now set up and ready to record runtime on your equipment. You can view the hour meter either from the IoT Meter’s Pause page or on the Hourmeter Collector app. For information on importing data from your hour meter data to your computer, visit