Linortek Web Control Solutions

Innovative, easily customized yet low-cost web controlling solutions for the “Internet of Things” (IoT) segment of the market

Are you still controlling your electrical devices manually with an old fashioned push button? Do you want to upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired device to be a network, web-based controlled products? Then you can monitor your important equipment from anywhere and receive alerts when something happens while you are away. Do you want to take a signal from your main location system, and trigger remote equipment in different locations? If so, then Linortek Web Relay Controller is perfect for you.

Our products are built on a standard TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server, using relay switched outputs, opto-isolated inputs, and analog inputs, you can upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired device to a network/Internet-enabled product. This lets you access, control, and monitor these devices from any standard web browser, with no third-party server, no additional software or programming required, and no monthly fees.

Netrixx™ IP-Based LED Display

The Netrixx is an IP-based programmable LED message display that provides clear visual notifications for everyday communication and emergency situations. It can be used as a digital signage, an information display for visual mass notifications, a digital clock, and countdown & count up timer.

iTrixx® Wireless Hour Meter

iTrixx Industrial Controller

Developed on Linortek’s secure TCP/IP product platform with MQTT protocol, the iTrixx is easy to setup and flexible in data collection. WiFi/Ethernet connectivity maks it a great fit for industrial equipment remote control and monitoring in real-time, improving operational efficiency and uptime with no monthly subscription fees.

Netbell® Timed Alert System

Netbell-NTG Timed Alert Controller

A self-contained, easy-to-use break time alert solution for schools, factories, and warehouses to signal work starts and stops, lunch breaks, shift changes, and general alarms, with up to 500 programmable web-based event schedules. No additional software or designated computer is required, eliminating the needs for wiring and control system.

Ethernet I/O Controller

Koda 200 Web Relay Controller

TCP/IP web-based I/O controllers, using relay switched outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, you can upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired device to a network/Internet enabled product for control and data acquisition, with no additional software or programming required.