iTrixx Wireless WiFi Hour Meter – Equipment Uptime/Downtime Tracking, Automated Alerting and Reporting

Innovative WiFi Hour Meter uses ‘Internet of Things’ technology accurately monitoring equipment runtime for any powered equipment.

Linortek iTrixx wireless WiFi hour meter is an ease-of-use, WiFi enabled with MQTT protocol, custom developed hour meter that can be used to track any powered equipment cumulative usage, uptime, downtime, or as a counter, audible or visual alerts can be triggered with user definable condition when you connect a signal device to one of the relay outputs, reports can be scheduled to sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly or other time interval for various events. With Linortek WiFi hour meter, you can connect your offline equipment to the Internet and monitor the equipment runtime data remotely , no additional software needed and no monthly fees. It’s a simple, reliable and affordable solution for industrial, manufacturing, airport, golf course and equipment rental companies to collect runtime data for any equipment such as machinery, motorized ground equipment, golf carts, forklifts, etc.

iTrixx WFMN-C Machine Hour Meter with Current Transformer