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Linortek® Universal Ethernet I/O Controller

Data Security

Data Integration



All-in-One System

Hardware-based encryption, supports HTTPS connections, account authentication, TLS encryption

Collected data can be integrated to a 3rd party software/system using XML, JSON, RESTful API or the MQTT protocol

Powered by POE or 5-48VDC, DINRail or panel mount, removeable or pluggable terminal block for easy installation

Browser-based setup. With the condition-logic task builder, you can create custom logic with no scripting required

Hardware & software for installation and operation included, no software to purchase, no 3rd party server

Ultra 300 Ethernet IO Controller, Netbell-Ultra 300 Bell ControllerFully programmable web-enabled I/O controller for IIoT and industrial automation applications

Introducing Linortek Ethernet I/O Controller

The Linortek Ethernet I/O controller is built on standard TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server that you can access, control and monitor your equipment over the network from any standard web browser, no add-on software to install, no programming skills are required.

Using Linortek industrial Ethernet IO controller`s relay switched outputs, opto-isolated digital inputs and analog inputs, you can upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired equipment to a network enabled product for remote control and data acquisition. The built-in MQTT protocol provides a standard method of communication with any IoT platform and application and integrates acquired data into your own system.

Local & Remote Control & Monitoring

The Linortek industrial Ethernet I/O controller is NOT a cloud-based system. All data is stored locally at your facility giving you full control of collected records. To use the controller locally, connect it to your local network using TCP/IP communication over Ethernet with the provided RJ45 cable. If needed, data transfer can be done through RESTful API, XML and MQTT.

The Linortek Ethernet IO controller can also be used for remote control & monitoring by port forwarding the device to the Internet to obtain a web address – now you can access, control and monitor your equipment at anytime from anywhere with an Internet enabled device. Using the MQTT protocol, the controller can publish collected data as MQTT message to a broker. Subscribe your system/application to the same broker and topic to view the data from your own system, making the Linortek device a great tool for your Industrial Internet of Things applications.

wireless hour meter equipment Ultra 300 Ethernet IO Controller Netbell-Ultra 300 Bell Controller
Ethernet IO Controller Peer to Peer Communication

Peer-to-Peer Communication (P2P)

Each Linortek Ethernet I/O controller is an independent system that includes the hardware and software for installation and data acquisition. Once connected to the network, Lonortek controllers can “talk” to each other over the network (peer-to-peer (P2P) communication system), this allows you to use one device to control the others remotely, eliminating the need for running long wires and for having central station. The P2P communication function is simple to use: just link the IP addresses together from the Remote Devices setup page, enter the IP address, login credentials, setup the condition logic task, you are all set.

Condition Logic Control

Using the condition-logic task builder, you can easily create tasks based on inputs or outputs’ status using IF…THEN… THAT statement. Create up to three actions for each task providing you with the ultimate control and monitoring solution for your project.

Ethernet IO Controller Condition Logic Tasks Builder

Advanced Features

Linortek ethernet io controller RESTful API


RESTful API is an interface that two computer systems use to exchange information securely over the Internet. Most business applications have to communicate with other internal and third-party applications to perform various tasks. With the RESTful API, you can easily control the device or pull the data from the I/O controller without the need of logging onto the device, or integrate the data to a 3rd party system.


MQTT is a simple messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices with low-bandwidth, it’s the perfect solution for Internet of Things applications. MQTT allows you to send commands to control outputs, read and publish data from sensor nodes and much more. MQTT is added to our latest development – Ultra 300 controller and iTrixx WiFi hour meter, for more efficient and secure data communication. The new development provides a standard method of communication for Ultra 300 to reliably communicate data across networks with any IoT platform and applications, it simplifies communication between Ultra300 and other devices, enabling Ultra 300 to become a standard product in IIoT arena for data acquisition.

iTrixx Wireless Equipment Hour Meter with MQTT Flexible Data Collection and Distribution

The Hardware & Software

We have worked with many customers using the Linortek Ethernet I/O controller to create various customized applications to meet their unique requirements. With the relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs built on the board, other sensors and devices can be connected to the I/O controllers to monitor a range of data, such as temperature, humidity, oil pressure, light levels, impact, voltage, RPM and more.

Relay Output

Each Linortek Ethernet I/O controller is equipped with various web relays that can be turned on, off, or pulsed using a web browser. Using the built-in web page and condition-logic Task Builder, you can use the relays to automatically control countless sorts of equipment, including pumps, motors, lights, gates – almost any powered device, whether they it`s in the same network, or different networks, or even in remote locations.

Analog Input

The analog inputs allow the Server to read the value of external equipment. They are non-isolated, use provided power for eliminating ground loops, provide 5VDC@30mA 3.3VDC power source, PTC protected. Fargo R4ADI has two analog inputs that are specifically designed for interfacing with current sensors, allowing current monitoring of external equipment.

Digital Input

The digital inputs allow the Ethernet I/O controller to detect an external on/off state of a sensor. With this information the SERVER can display whether an input is on or off, count events in a resettable or non-resettable counter, and calculate the frequency (such as for use as a tachometer) or the period of the input.

Web Page

The Linortek Ethernet I/O controller is DHCP enabled, when the controller is first installed on your network, it automatically obtains an IP from your router via DHCP if your router is set up to assign one. With the IP address, you can access the built-in webpage for initial setup and create your advanced tasks.

The Products

The Ultra 300 is the latest development of Linortek web-enabled I/O controller with MQTT protocol, CAN interface, hardware-based encryption system, supports HTTPS connections. It’s a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure that can be snapped onto DIN rail or attached to any flat surface such as a wall or under a counter. It comes with 2 relay outputs, 2 optically isolated digital inputs and 2 analog inputs, 1 temperature & humidity sensor input.

Koda Ethernet I/O Controller

Koda controller is a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure that can be snapped onto DIN rail or attached to any flat surface such as a wall or under a counter. Koda is equipped with up to 4 relay outputs, 2 optically isolated digital inputs and 1 temperature & humidity sensor input.

Fargo Ethernet I/O Controller

Fargo controller is a bare board unit with up to 8 relay outputs, 4 optically isolated digital inputs and 4 analog inputs, 2 of the analog inputs are specifically designed for interfacing with current sensors, allowing current monitoring of external equipment.

Applications – Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Automation

The Linortek Ethernet I/O controller is built-on standard TCP/IP product platform with a built-in server, relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, making the this device a great fit for literally thousands of applications. Whether you are looking for a simple device to remotely reboot your equipment to save a trip, remotely control a timed alert system, monitor temperature & humidity for a cooler, commercial freezer, server room, or a solution to collect runtime data for preventative maintenance for hundreds of equipment – Linortek has the solutions.

Netbell Network Timed Alert System

The Netbell® is built on Linortek Ethernet I/O controller product platform, adding bell scheduling function to provide a simple yet cost-effective solution for schools, factories, warehouses and offices for setup and scheduling their timed alert systems over the network, for signalling class changes, breaks and any other timed signal applications.

iTrixx® Equipment Runtime Hour Meter

The iTrixx equipment runtime hour meter is a custom developed device, based on Linortek Ethernet I/O controller product platform, that can be used on most industrial vehicles, ground support equipment and other powered equipment to monitor cumulative usage hours, temperature, voltage and more for preventative maintenance. Ensure proper maintenance while eliminating the need to physically visit the equipment to collect data.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and electricity are critical to IT equipment, and to a company`s operations. Keep an eye on network closets, server rooms, and enterprise level data centers with an easy-to-use environmental monitoring solution from Linortek. Configure alert notifications to receive E-mails and/or activate audible/visual alarms when something goes wrong.

The Ultra 300 and Koda controllers come with a mini-USB connector to interface with a temperature & humidity sensor.  By enabling the Active Landing Page on the software, you can monitor the temperature & humidity data out of the box from a web browser. With a door contact switch and a power adapter connected to the digital input, you can monitor temperature, humidity/dew point, power status, door position status, etc., to help protect valuable equipment and other important assets to minimize downtime and reduce losses if conditions change or a disaster occurs.

Custom Web Control Solution

The use of our product is limitless, with customers around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500, to small business, to schools and government agencies, Linortek has the solutions, from light/gate control, building lockdown, timed alert system, EVAC systems (Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication), machine monitoring to Aquaculture Farm Monitor – almost any electrical device that can be controlled and monitored from the Internet remotely can use our product or module.

As we design and build our own product here in the USA, we are also able to create a totally custom hardware device. This may be used to solve specific problems or for installation into a product that you manufacture. Utilizing our standard hardware and software building blocks, we can put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means that your new product carries a tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties.

Contact us today to have us create a custom web control solution for your products.

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