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Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT I/O Controller

Data Security

Data Integration



All-in-One System

Hardware-based encryption, supports HTTPS connections, account authentication, TLS encryption

Collected data can be integrated to a 3rd party software/system using XML, JSON, RESTful API or the MQTT protocol

Powered by POE or 5-48VDC, DINRail or panel mount, push-in spring connectors for easy installation

Browser-based setup, logical condition/action for I/O with no scripting required

Hardware & software for installation and operation included, no software to purchase, no 3rd party server

Ultra 300 Ethernet IO Controller, Netbell-Ultra 300 Bell ControllerCondition-Logic Task Builder, Hardware-based Encryption System, MQTT Client, CAN Interface

Introducing Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT I/O Controller

Ultra 300 is TCP/IP Web Enabled MQTT I/O Controller with Built-In Web Server 2 Relay Outputs, 2 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog Inputs, POE, MQTT Protocol for Industrial Equipment Remote Control and Data Acquisition.

The Ultra 300 is the latest development of Linortek Ethernet  I/O controller with MQTT protocol. It is built on Linortek TCP/IP web-based product platform with built-in web server, hardware-based encryption, supports HTTPS connections. With the Ultra 300, you can access, control and monitor your equipment over the network or Internet from anywhere with a web browser, no add-on software to install, no special programming skills required. Using relay switched outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, you can upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired equipment to a network/ Internet enabled product for remote control and data acquisition with the Ultra 300. Using the widely used MQTT protocol, the Ultra 300 can be connected to an MQTT broker (MQTT server) and published data as MQTT message to common IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or IBM Cloud.

Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT IO Controller

Local & Remote Control & Monitoring

The Ultra 300 MQTT I/O Controller is NOT a cloud-based system. All data is stored locally at your facility giving you full control of collected records. To use the Ultra 300 locally, connect it to your local network using TCP/IP communication over Ethernet with the provided RJ45 cable. This is ideal for local control & monitoring; data transfer can be done through RESTful API, XML or MQTT if needed.

The Ultra 300 can also be used for remote control & monitoring by port forwarding the device to the internet to obtain a web address, so you can access, control and monitor the Ultra 300 at anytime from anywhere with an internet enabled device.

Peer-to-Peer Communication (P2P)

With the built-in server and remote function, each Ultra 300 unit is an independent system that includes the hardware and software for installation and data acquisition. Once it’s connected to the network, the device can “talk” to each other over the network that you can build a peer-to-peer (P2P) communication system, this allows you to use one device to control the others over the network or internet, without the use of a centralized administrative system. To use the Peer-to-Peer communication function is simple, just link the IP addresses together from the Remote Devices setup page, enter the IP address, login credentials, setup the condition logic tasks, you are all set.

Ethernet IO Controller Peer to Peer Communication
Ethernet IO Controller Condition Logic Tasks Builder

Condition Logic Control

Using the condition-logic task builder, you can easily create tasks based on inputs or outputs’ status using IF…THEN… THAT statement. Create up to three actions for each task providing you with the ultimate control and monitoring solution for your project.

Ultra 300 MQTT I/O Controller Advanced Features – RESTful API

RESTful API is an interface that two computer systems use to exchange information securely over the internet. Most business applications have to communicate with other internal and third-party applications to perform various tasks. With the RESTful API, you can easily control the device or pull the data from the Ultra 300 MQTT IO Controller without the need of logging onto the device, or integrate the data collected by the Ultra 300 to a 3rd party system.

Linortek ethernet io controller RESTful API

Ultra MQTT IO Controller Flexible Data Collection and Distribution

Ultra 300 MQTT IO Controller Advanced Features – MQTT

MQTT is a simple messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices with low-bandwidth, it’s the perfect solution for Internet of Things applications. MQTT allows you to send commands to control outputs, read and publish data from sensor nodes and much more. With the implementation of MQTT protocol into the Ultra 300 MQTT IO controller, it provides a standard method for the Ultra 300 to reliably communicate data across networks with any IoT platform and applications, it makes it really easy to establish a communication between Ultra300 and other devices, enables Ultra 300 become a standard product in IIoT arena for data acquisition.

Ultra 300 MQTT I/O Controller Applications

The Ultra 300 is built-on standard TCP/IP product platform with a built-in server, using relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, making the Ultra 300 a great fit for literally thousands of applications. Whether you are looking for a simple device to remote reboot your equipment to save a trip, remote control a timed alert system, monitor temperature & humidity for a cooler, commercial freezer, server room, or a solution to collect runtime data for preventative maintenance for hundreds of equipment, the Ultra 300 can do the job.

With the Netbell bell scheduling software installed on the Ultra 300, you can use the Ultra 300 controller to schedule the bell system without using the condition-logic task builder. With the increase RAM and FLASH memories, you can store multiple sets of schedules on the Ultra 300 board and switch schedules with a click of the mouse, making the management of your bell system incredible easy.

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are used in virtually every industry. The core of a CMMS is its database. With the iTrixx hour metering software installed on the Ultra 300 controller, the Ultra 300 can publish hour readings as MQTT messages to a cloud CMMS software or to common IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or IBM Cloud.  Once this is set up, the system will remain updated with the latest hour readings and work orders can be set to trigger automatically based on runtime/maintenance intervals.

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