About Us

Linor Technology, Inc., a North Carolina corporation, is a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoTs), a market involving connecting a vast range of products and systems to the network for remote control and data acquisition.

With customers around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500, to small business, to schools and government agencies, Linortek has the solutions. All of our web controllers are built on secure TCP/IP product platform with built-in web server, using relay switched outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs. This technology focus and expertise has enabled us to take full advantage of the new generation of IoTs for industrial, manufacturing and educational businesses as well as the Aquaculture vertical business, making Linortek devices a great fit for industrial applications such as light/gate control, building lockdown, timed alert system, EVAC systems (Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication), machine monitoring and many more.  All products are controlled and monitored from a simple and easy to use web page or desktop app with no monthly fees.

Why Us?

Linortek’s competitive edge stems from the founder’s  over 40 years of experience in electronics technology and its high technical specifications of its products. Our current products are state of the art, and benefit from continuous product development.  We also source materials from world-wide suppliers to establish a high value, low cost supply chain to make our price competitive. Moreover, Linortek’s product is built on a standard platform, allowing us to put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means we will provide our customers new product based on tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties. Our product’s compatibility provides a unique opportunity for us to capture the market share.

Some key differentiation with other competitors includes:

  • Everything needed comes with the product, smart phones, tablets and PCs communicate directly with the controller to control and operate; there is no 3rd party server that you need to pay a monthly fees to.
  • We design and develop the hardware and software, we can make minor changes on the product to create multiple solutions independently on what the solution needs to be.
  • In-house design and manufacturing ability which can offer our customer MOQ (minimum order quantity) as low as one unit.
  • Product compatible across multiple platforms (Browser, Android, iPhone and Cloud platform).
  • More flexible than other competitors. Our products can run without network connection once it is setup and scheduled the tasks as you need. The controller can still function as scheduled even the network drop off. This is more advanced than any other products in the market.

We specialize in low-to-mid-volume assembly manufacturing and quick turn prototype assembly. Turnkey and consigned jobs can be quoted and processed. Our experienced design and process engineers will provide you with exceptional service to fulfill your contract manufacturing requirements.

Contact us today to learn how Linortek can help you and your business.