About Us

At Linortek, we create solutions to automate your operations with no monthly fees.

We design and build controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoTs), a market that involves connecting a vast range of products and systems to a network for remote control, data acquisition and management. With customers around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500, to small business, to schools and government agencies, Linor products are often used to retrofit older industrial equipment to become network-enabled for data collection.

All of our web controllers are built on a secure TCP/IP product platform with a built-in web server, using relay switched outputs, digital inputs, and analog inputs. This technology focus and expertise enables Linortek to integrate with the newest IoT technologies for industrial, manufacturing, and educational businesses.

Linortek devices are a great fit for industrial applications such as light/gate control, building lock down, timed alert system, EVAC systems (Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication), machine monitoring, and many more.  All products are controlled and monitored from a simple and easy-to-use web page or desktop app with no monthly fees.

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