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iTrixx® Wireless Hour Meter for Industrial Equipment


Data Integration




Receive email notifications or audible/visual alerts when a machine is due for maintenance

Hour readings can be integrated to a 3rd party software/system using XML, JSON, RESTful API or the MQTT protocol

Hour reading data is saved to a. csv file automatically from the App that you can check the history data for each machine

Reports can be scheduled to sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly – or other time interval for various events

Tracking on/off state, uptime/downtime of your equipment in real time from the free desktop app or web browser

iTrixx WFMN-C Machine Hour Meter with Current Transformer

Introducing iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment

iTrixx is an IoTMeter which was developed to track industrial equipment runtime data for preventative maintenance, improving operational efficiency and uptime with no monthly subscription fees. Additional to the hour counting, other sensors and devices can be connected to the iTrixx through its inputs to monitor a range of data, such as temperature, humidity, oil pressure, light levels, impact, voltage, RPM and more. It’s a simple, reliable and cost-effective data acquisition solution for any powered equipment.

iTrixx Hardware

iTrixx was developed on Linortek’s secure TCP/IP product platform with built-in server, easy to setup, flexible data collection, WiFi/Ethernet connectivity, MQTT protocol, FCC, CE, IC, and TELEC Certified; RoHS compliant, with relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, making the iTrixx a great fit for industrial equipment remote control and monitoring.

There are two types of hour meters in the iTrixx family, they are the Ethernet hour meter and WiFi hour meter.  The Ethernet hour meter connects to the network through an Ethernet cable, set up the meter through a web browser, the WiFi hour meter uses WiFi connection and simply uses Telnet for initial setup and configuration. You can check the Linortek iTrixx Equipment Hour Meter Technical Specifications for comparison to pick up a right product for your project.

iTrixx-Ultra 300 Ethernet Hour Meter network bell controller

Activate the Meter

The iTrixx wireless hour meter equipment can be activated by different ways: power input, digital input and analog input.

  • Power input: In the simplest setup the hour meter may be activated whenever power is applied to the unit. In this case, if the hour meter is on, it is counting, you only need to connect the hour meter to the same power source of the equipment you wish to collect running data, no other wiring required.
  • Digital input: You may also use one of the inputs to turn counting on and off. Connect a sensor (5-24VDC) to the digital input to detect an external on/off state of the equipment to activate the meter.
  • Relay output: the meter can be configured to follow one of the relays such that when the relay turns the equipment on, the iTrixx will count.

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment Web-based Software

The iTrixx wireless hour meter equipment is a self-contained device which is built on a standard TCP/IP platform with a built-in software, that allows you to access, control, and monitor your equipment accurately in real-time using an internet enabled device from anywhere. Programming and setting up is accessed through any standard web browser or Telnet, no application to install.

There are two meters on the software for each iTrixx device with independent trigger. You can use one meter for uptime and one for downtime, or one for each machine of your choice.

iTrixx Free Desktop & Mobile Apps

Once your iTrixx is wired and configured, it will periodically report its data over your network. You can use any computer to monitor the data using the HourCollector,  DataCollector desktop apps or mobile app within your local network or over the Internet remotely. Once the app is installed and run on your computer, it will save the data automatically in comma separated (.csv) file for further analysis and reporting.

iTrixx Free Desktop and Mobile App

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment Data Integration

The iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment has been designed with the flexibility for data integration to a 3rd party system such as CMMS software using XML, JSON, RESTful API or the MQTT protocol.

ITrixx with MQTT Protocol

MQTT is a simple messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices with low-bandwidth. So, it’s the perfect solution for Internet of Things applications. MQTT allows you to send commands to control outputs, read and publish data from sensor nodes and much more. The new development provides a standard method of communication for iTrixx equipment runtime meter to reliably communicate data across networks with any IoT platform and applications, it makes it really easy to establish a communication between iTrixx and other devices, enables iTrixx become a standard product in IIoT arena for data acquisition.

In the CMMS example, the iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Equipment publishes hour readings as a MQTT topic to a MQTT broker, where the CMMS software subscribes to the same broker. Once this is set up, the system will remain updated with the latest hour readings and work orders can be set to trigger automatically based on runtime/maintenance intervals.

iTrixx Wireless Equipment Hour Meter with MQTT Flexible Data Collection and Distribution

Case Studies

Collect equipment runtime hours for predictive maintenance with iTrixx industrial equipment hour meter

Since 90 percent of machine maintenance is based upon hours instead of miles, the iTrixx is an ideal tool for keeping up with preventative maintenance schedules. This device can help extend the life cycle and performance of powered equipment as well as tracking a range of equipment across a warehouse, construction site, or multi-location company.

A manufacturer in the US automated the collection of their production machine runtime from 3 locations across the United States by using the iTrixx NHM. This eliminated the need to physically visit each machine to manually collect data by using the iTrixx NHM’s RESTful API to send the data to their ERP manufacturing system automatically. It allows the service team to focus on troubleshooting and complex problem resolution and saves tremendous time on data collection and reduces operation costs.

Check more case studies below.


We have worked with many customers in the past, and customized the software to meet their unique requirements. With the relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs built on the board, additional to the hour counting, other sensors and devices can be connected to the iTrixx through its inputs to monitor a range of data, such as temperature, humidity, oil pressure, light levels, impact, voltage, RPM and more.

Collect Runtime Data for Mobile Equipment

Many companies are faced with the costly predicament of logging the run time for their industrial vehicles and equipment to ensure a proper maintenance schedule. With the costs of having to make visits to record data logs and equipment files, the use of an iTrixx eliminates this by allowing the collection of data logs remotely and simplifies the process of routine maintenance. This exciting new technology enables monitoring, data collection to reduce cost, improve efficiency.

What to monitor: Equipment usage, collision/shock monitoring (impacts)

Use Case – Using iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter on Forklift

Machinery and electrical equipment such as CNC machine, generator, motors, pumps, and compressors are critical to process manufacturing and many other business applications. For example, motor is the leading source of power consumption in many facilities, so technicians need to know specifics such as pump and motor runtime during maintenance. iTrixx Runtime Meter is the ideal way to monitor this equipment and is also an excellent productivity indicator.

What to monitor: machine uptime/downtime, vibration, voltage, amount of stops

What our customers say about iTrixx industrial hour meter

Forgital USA produces forged and laminated rolled rings used in a wide range of industries. We searched for a fast and accurate way to track spindle times in our machine shop. After conducting a brief online search, we connected with Linortek regarding its iTrixx IoTMeter. Although the solution was originally designed for maintenance, we easily adapted the device to our production needs.

We purchased four iTrixx NHM and installed them on our seven machines. Every time a machine spins, the meter starts recording time. We’re able to detect the date and hours when each machine is producing. All the data we collect helps us build a precise efficiency percentage which has enabled us to increase our productivity and revenue. The device is simple to use and easy to install, and Linortek’s customer service is great.

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