Control and Monitoring Electrical Devices Over the Internet with Linortek Web Relay Controller

  • Compact and self-contained

    Our Web Relay Controller is an all-in-one device with the hardware & software you need to control your electrical devices or equipment over the Internet. Use it out of its packaging, wire your devices or equipment with the controller, connect power and network with the provided cables, it’s ready to go.


    Supplied with up to 16 schedules which are constructed as IF … THEN statements. This capability built into all units allows you to use the input or relay on one device to control a relay on another device over the Internet, or to take a signal from your main location system, and trigger remote equipment in different locations.


    Use it as either a network device or a standalone device. Install the Web Relay Controller anywhere on the network and do not require a direct connection to the PC. With POE enabled, it is easy to install and connects through your Ethernet connection without the need for additional power, providing you tremendous cost-savings and flexibility when installing Linortek Web Relay Controller in your control system.

  • Ease-of-use

    The built-in web interface provides quick access to setup and manage your devices with no additional software or programming required. The removable wire terminal connectors simplify field installation and allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance, the unit can be removed from the system without disturbing the system wiring.