iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter

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USD $438.00
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter
iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter

iTrixx-NHM Network Hour Meter

USD $438.00
Model Number: 01-910-00024
This controller is designed for only low voltage control (no more than 48 volts). If you need to control a device greater than 48V, you will need to use this interface relay kit.
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Manufacturer: Linortek
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The iTrixx-NHM is an ease-of-use, network enabled, custom developed remote meter reading device that can be used to log running time of equipment to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems. It's built on Linortek’s existing TCP/IP web-based product platform and specially designed software that functions as an hour meter. You can monitor your machine from anywhere from an Internet enabled device from a standard web browser or the free desktop apps, no additional software required and no monthly fees. 

The iTrixx-NHM is housed in a DIN Rail mountable enclosure, with two digital inputs (Voltage input range of 5 - 24VDC), two relay outputs (dry contact, 1-Form-A relays 48VAC@8A Max), one analog input (for temperature & humidity sensor only). The meter can be activated by power input, digital input or relay output. It’s an ideal solution to monitor machine usage, Idle time, vibration, voltage, machine uptime/downtime, number of stops, and number of repetitive operations for any stationary equipment such as engines, pumps, compressors, generators, motors, machinery or severs which you want to accurately monitor usage at an affordable price.

For anyone who needs to incorporate the hour readings into their own management software, you can transfer the data automatically with the RESTful API or send hour reading data via XML to manage equipment across single or multiple locations or simply use the file of csv data that is saved on the PC from the desktop app.

Check the IoTMeter Brochure below to pick a right product for your project:

iTrixx Wireless Equipment Hour Meter Product Brochure

The Key Features

Tracking:  Tracking on/off state, uptime/downtime of your equipment in real time from the free desktop app or web browser, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees, record time from 0 to 999,999.99 hours, no need to manually collect run time data from equipment, no more white board to update or tags to fill out

Logging:  Hour reading data is saved to a. csv file automatically from the App that you can check the history data for each machine

Reporting: Reports can be scheduled to send to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly – or other time interval for various events

Alerting: Receive email notifications or audible/visual alerts when a machine is due for maintenance

Data Integration: Hour readings can be integrated to a 3rd party software/system using UDP, RESTful API, XML

  • Web Server: Built In (all software located on built in server)
  • Relay Outputs: 2 Relays Outputs (Dry Contact, 1-Form-A relays 48VAC@8A Max)
  • Digital Inputs: 2 Digital Inputs (Voltage input range of 5 - 24VDC)
  • Record Time (hrs): 0 – 999,999.99
  • Voltage Sensor: On Board
  • Temperature Sensor: Ambient On Board
  • Rechargeable Battery: On Board (Built in rechargeable battery for offline time keeping backup)
  • Power Input: 12VDC Power Supply or POE
  • Enclosure: DIN Rail Mountable
  • Accessories: 12VDC Power Supply /1 Meters CAT5 Network Cable
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm x 25mm
  • Working Temperature: From 0 to +65 Celsius
  • Storage Temperature: From -40 to +125 Celsius
  • Humidity: From 10% to 80% Non-condensing
  • Supported Protocols: HTTP/SMTP/SNTP
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