Factory Machinery Monitoring – Monitor Production Machine Runtime and Operation Counter

Background: An industrial printing company needed a method to count the amount of times a machine printed in a work day as well as recording the uptime/downtime of the machines to better increase their production efficiency.

Challenges: Their industrial printers cycle very fast so making sure the counts were registered accurately and consistently was top priority. Finding a method to relay each cycle was the greatest hurdle, as well as figuring out how to record the printer’s runtime/downtime.

Device Purchased: Each machine uses one Koda 100 Ethernet I/O controller for pulse counter, one iTrixx-NHM Ethernet Hour Meter to record runtime/downtime.

Installation: The device is installed on inside area of the control cabinet and powered by equipment’s control voltage (24V).

Solutions: To use the iTrixx-NHM Ethernet Hour Meter and the Koda 100 combination provides the solutions for both issues. Registering each counter can be done using one of digital inputs wired to a contact or hall effect sensor that records each cycle or pulse and tying it to a counter using our webpages.