Basic Programs

We are always working to improve our software and adding features. Check our Software Updates to make sure you always have the latest one. Here is the basic program that can help with finding your Linortek devices’ IP on your network and loading new software.

Discoverer – Finding IP Address

Discoverer is a program that will automatically locate your device. All of our devices are shipped as DHCP enabled, when a Linortek device is first installed on your network, it automatically obtains a web address from your router if your router is set up to assign one. If your router is not set this way, it is suggested that you turn that feature on so you can operate your device and assign it the IP address of your choosing. (The Discover is a Java program, Java runtime needs to be loaded to use this feature. Java can be found here:

Use of Chrome & Firefox browsers is recommended. If you prefer to use Internet Explore browser, please note that when you download the Discoverer program, Internet Explore saves this program as a Zip file by default. In order to use the Discoverer, you need to select Save as and rename the file as “Linortek Discoverer.jar”, select All Files for the Save as type when you download with Internet Explore browser.

Linortek-Discoverer (40.4 KiB)

Bootloader- Updating SERVER Software

From time to time Linortek may release new server software adding new features or fixing bugs. This software can be loaded onto the server using the Bootloader program.

The Bootloader program is a zip file when you download from our website. You need to extract the file before using it. The Bootloader has two parts: the PC program itself (.exe file) and an initialization file (.ini). Both of these files MUST have the same name and be in the same directory. The initialization file is a text file. Please open it and follow the directions for connecting to your server on a local network in Multicast mode or over the Internet in a Unicast mode.

Update Software Instructions

For more information on how to update software, please download the Update Software Instructions here:

Update Software Instructions (711.1 KiB)

Linortek Boot (236.3 KiB)

Special Programs

We are creating solutions for convenience! We like to hear feedback from our customers to improve our products. Below are some special programs we have developed to help our customers get the job done easier.

iTrixx Hour Meter Mobile App (Android)

With the Linortek mobile app, you can monitor the status of your equipment from your Android device. This app includes features to ease in provisioning your iTrixx devices to a Wifi network to connect either to your facility’s local network or if there is no WiFi coverage in range, a mobile hotspot hosted from your Android device.

DataCollector Pro – Free Desktop App To Collect and Display Equipment Data

The DataCollector Pro desktop app is an upgraded version of the HourMeter Collector app from our newly development. It not only includes all the features of the HourMeter Collector app, but also allows you to monitor other digital and analog data such as temperature, humidity, equipment status.

Linortek DataCollector App Pro (4.4 MiB)

HourMeter Collector – Monitor Multiple Hour Meters from One Interface

The HourMeter Collector program is special designed for Linortek Hour Meter products. It can be used to monitor multiple devices from one simple interface without the needs of logging in to the device. The HourMeter Collector is an executable Jar file, you can open it after downloaded as long as you have Java enabled on your computer.

Linortek HourMeter Collector App (54.4 KiB)

BellScheduler – Manage/Schedule Multiple Netbells from One Interface

The BellScheduler is specially designed for Linortek Netbell products, that can be used to add schedules to multiple Linortek Netbell devices from one simple interface, without the need to login to each device. It’s useful for those who have a large area or multiple buildings, that need to install multiple bell systems. The BellScheduler is an Application file, and you can open it after it is downloaded. Please note: to use the BellScheduler program, your Netbell needs to update the software to version R0429/LTI180420D. For instructions of how to use this program, please download the Netbell BellScheduler Setting Instruction.

Netbell BellScheduler Quick Setting Instruction (1.1 MiB)

Linortek Netbell BellScheduler (1.0 MiB)