iTrixx-WFMN-Di Equipment Hour Meter

iTrixx® Wireless Hour Meter for Mobile Equipment Usage Tracking


Data Security

Flexible Data Acquisition

Built-in MQTT Protocol & CAN Interface

Hardware and software for installation & data monitoring are included, no monthly fees

iTrixx is NOT a cloud based system, all data is stored locally at your facility

Additional to the hour counting, other sensors and devices can be connected to the iTrixx through its inputs

Enable iTrixx to reliably transfer data across networks with any IoT platforms and applications

DataCollector Desktop App

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter for Mobile Equipment Preventative Maintenance

Many companies are faced with the costly predicament of logging the run time for their industrial vehicles and equipment to ensure a proper maintenance schedule. With the costs of having to make visits to record data logs and equipment files, the use of an iTrixx eliminates this by allowing the collection of data logs remotely and simplifies the process of routine maintenance.

Mobile Equipment Preventative Maintenance Becomes Simpler and More Affordable with iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter

With the iTrixx wireless hour meter, you can replace calendar-based service scheduling with actual hour-based scheduling to suit your vehicle’s usage, on time servicing increases reliability and extends vehicle life. With the built-in impact sensor, you can know when your vehicle has been in a collision, allowing appropriate safety survey.

iTrixx-WFMN-ADi wifi hour meter Equipment Wireless Hour Meter
Linortek iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter Overall System Architecture for Mobile Equipment

What to Monitor

  • Equipment cumulated usage

  • Equipment idle time

  • Equipment collision/shock monitoring (impact)

  • Water temperature

  • Oil pressure

How Does It Work?

There are many kinds of vehicles that you may need to monitor runtime hours. Some examples are airport ground support vehicles, golf carts, forklifts, scissor lifts, etc. These vehicles will be powered either by a combustion engine or by electric motors, however they will all have two things necessary to connect the iTrixx wireless hour meter. A constant 12-48VDC power source from a battery, and a separate 5-48VDC circuit that turns on and off with the vehicle. A constant power source is preferable to power your iTrixx because it will always be on. If the iTrixx has to boot up when your equipment is powered on, you may not have an accurate reading. The iTrixx at idle draws approximately 70mA. It will not drain the battery unless it is left for an exceptionally long time.

Once the iTrixx is installed on the vehicle and software configured, it will start recording the data as soon as the vehicle is running. The iTrixx itself has internal memory to store the data on the built-in server, and does not require a network to run. When the equipment passes within range of a WiFi connection point, the iTrixx will automatically connect and report its current runtime to the Hour Collector program and generate a CSV file which the user can import to their own maintenance scheduling software.

Key Features

The iTrixx equipment hour meter is a self-contained, WiFi/Ethernet enabled, custom developed device that can be used on all types of equipment to monitor the usage, temperature, voltage and more. With the iTrixx equipment hour meter, you can connect your offline equipment to the Internet and collect the equipment runtime data over a network or the Internet. You get accurate, instantaneous readings of your equipment with a simple click – without getting out of your chair. You can ensure proper maintenance and receive notifications when service is required, eliminating the need to physically visit equipment to collect data. It’s a simple, reliable and affordable solution for industrial, manufacturing, and equipment rental companies to collect runtime data for any equipment such as engines, motors, generators, pumps, manufacturing machinery and servers.

  • Collect Data Remotely

    • WiFi enabled with built-in web server, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees
    • Internet independent using your intranet
    • Record time from 0 to 999,999.99 hours
    • Two separate hour meters with independent triggers
    • Resettable hours for using with existing equipment
    • Built-in digital/analog inputs for data acquisition
    •  Impact Sensor for collision/shock monitoring
    • Monitor multiple equipment runtime remotely from PC or mobile devices
  • Use Data with Ease

    • Automated vehicle hour meter readings
    • Automatic data report via email
    • Import the hour readings data in CSV file to your management software
    • Transfer the data automatically with the RESTful API
    • Use MQTT protocol to publish/scribe data to any IoT platforms and applications
    • Use relay output to signal alarm devices when maintenance required
    • Stop chasing to get the meter reading

Real-Time Data Acquisition

The iTrixx Hour Meter is built on Linortek’s existing TCP/IP web-based product platform, with digital inputs, relay outputs, analog inputs and a specially designed software that functions as an hour meter, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees, no need to manually collect runtime data from equipment, no more white board to update or tags to fill out, equipment operating hours can be read at any time from your PC or mobile devices,  receive email notification or audible/visual alerts when service is needed.
Linortek IoTMeter Flexible Data Collection and Access

The Products

iTrixx-WFMN-ADi wifi hour meter Equipment Wireless Hour Meter

Built-in web server, MQTT protocol, 2 relay outputs, 2 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 separate hour meters that can be triggered by power input, digital input or relay output, IP 66/67 enclosure, Wi-Fi connectivity.

iTrixx-WFMN-Di Equipment Hour Meter wifi hour meter

Built-in web server, MQTT protocol, 2 digital inputs, 2 separate hour meters that can be triggered by power input digital inputs, IP 66/67 enclosure, WiFi connectivity

Case Study

Collect production machine runtime hours for predictive maintenance with iTrixx industrial hour meter

Since 90 percent of machine maintenance is based upon hours instead of miles, the iTrixx is an ideal tool for keeping up with preventative maintenance schedules. This device can help extend the life cycle and performance of powered equipment as well as tracking a range of equipment across a warehouse, construction site, or multi-location company.

A manufacturer in the US automated the collection of their production machine runtime from 3 locations across the United States by using the iTrixx NHM. This eliminated the need to physically visit each machine to manually collect data by using the iTrixx NHM’s RESTful API to send the data to their ERP manufacturing system automatically. It allows the service team to focus on troubleshooting and complex problem resolution and saves tremendous time on data collection and reduces operation costs.

iTrixx Wireless Hour Meter for Forklift

WiFi Hour Meter vs Network Hour Meter

The WiFi Hour Meter connects to the LAN through WiFi. Once the equipment passes the WiFi connection points, it will automatically connect and report its current runtime data. Looking for a cost-effective solution for your stationary equipment such as machinery, pumps, generators? We have you covered! Check our Network Hour Meter,  or check the device comparison chart below to pick a right product for your project.

ModeliTrixx-Ultra 300iTrixx-NHMiTrixx-WFMN-ADiiTrixx-WFMN-Di
Part Number01-910-00111 01-910-00024 01-910-00060 01-910-00064
Web ServerBuilt- In (All Software Located on Built-in Web Server)
Built- In (All Software Located on Built-in Web Server)
Built- In (All Software Located on Built-in Web Server)
Built- In (All Software Located on Built-in Web Server)
Relay Outputs2 Signal Relay(2 Form C (1A @ 30VDC,
0.3A @ 125VAC)
2 (1 FORM A 110/220V 10A)2 Signal Relay(2 Form C (1A @ 30VDC,
0.3A @ 125VAC)
Digital Inputs

2 (5-24 VDC)2 (5-24 VDC)2 (5-24 VDC)2 (5-24 VDC)
Analog Inputs2 (Non-isolated 0-5V)1 (for Temp&Humid only)2 (Non-isolated 0-5V)NA
Record Time (hrs)0 – 999,999.990 – 999,999.990 – 999,999.990 – 999,999.99
Data MonitoringLocal or RemoteLocal or RemoteLocal or RemoteLocal or Remote
Maintenance AlarmsEmail (SSL)/Audible, Visible (Signal
Device Required)
Email, Audible, Visible (Signal Device
Email (SSL)/Audible, Visible (Signal
Device Required)
Email (SSL email supported)
Power Input12VDC or POE12VDC or POE12-48VDC12-48VDC
EnclosureDIN Rail MountableDIN Rail MountableIP66/67 Polycarbonate BoxIP66/67 Polycarbonate Box
CertificationsNANAFCC, CE and ROHSFCC, CE and ROHS
Network ConnectivityEthernetEthernetWi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
CAN InterfaceYesNoNoNo

What our customers say about iTrixx wireless hour meter

Forgital USA produces forged and laminated rolled rings used in a wide range of industries. We searched for a fast and accurate way to track spindle times in our machine shop. After conducting a brief online search, we connected with Linortek regarding its iTrixx IoTMeter. Although the solution was originally designed for maintenance, we easily adapted the device to our production needs.

We purchased four iTrixx NHM and installed them on our seven machines. Every time a machine spins, the meter starts recording time. We’re able to detect the date and hours when each machine is producing. All the data we collect helps us build a precise efficiency percentage which has enabled us to increase our productivity and revenue. The device is simple to use and easy to install, and Linortek’s customer service is great.

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