Network Hour Meter – Track Equipment Operating Hours Remotely From A Standard Web Browser

Innovative Network Hour Meter Uses ‘Internet of Things’ Technology for Easy Remote Monitoring Run Time of Powered Equipment.

•Record time from 0 to 999,999.99 hours, 1 second resolution
•Resettable hours for using with existing equipment
•Two separate hour meters with independent triggers
•Read equipment run hours with a standard web browser remotely from anywhere
•No more walking around a large facility to check equipment run time

  • Receive Notifications When Service is Required

•Using relay output to signal alarm devices (buzzer or light) to notify when maintenance required
•Receive email notifications when service is needed
•Over 10,000 item logs that can be exported to Excel and updated in real time
•Multiply triggers Input/Relay/Input Voltage
•Used endurance on the Network Hour Meter