Linortek® Releases Ultra 300 Next Generation Ethernet MQTT I/O Controller

New product with enhanced security, CAN interface, MQTT protocol that can be used in a wide range of remote sensors monitoring, industrial automation projects

Linor Technology, Inc (Linortek®), a solution provider in Internet of Things (IoTs) vertical markets, announced today the worldwide release of a new type of I/O system – Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT I/O controller . This innovative addition to the industrial Ethernet I/O controller line uses “Internet of Things” technology, that supports MQTT protocol, built-in CAN interface, 32 programmable condition-logic task builder. With the MQTT protocol, it makes it easy to connect sensors to Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) system via the Ultra 300. Users can simply and effectively control & monitor remote devices with MQTT client tools and/or common IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or IBM Cloud.

We have worked with many Fortune 500 Corporation customers and government agencies, IoT security has been given heavier consideration in recent times. We listen to our customers and have enabled encryption and secure communication protocols to the new development of the Ultra 300 controller, which includes hardware-based encryption, supports HTTPS connections, Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) network security protocols.

Gary S Nalven, CEO of Linortek

The Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT I/O controller is built-on standard TCP/IP product platform with a built-in web server, using relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, making the Ultra 300 Ethernet MQTT I/O controller a great fit for literally thousands of applications. Whether you are looking for a simple device to remote reboot your equipment to save a trip, remote control a timed alert system, monitor temperature & humidity for a cooler, commercial freezer, server room, or a solution to collect runtime data for preventative maintenance for hundreds of equipment, the Ultra 300 can do the job.

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