Netbell-K Web-based Standalone Break Buzzer System

Linortek Introduces Netbell™-KB Break Buzzer System, A Web-based Timed Alert System Via “Internet of Things” Technology

Innovative Netbell™-KB provides an embedded, web page scheduling software for an ease-of-use industrial automated break buzzer system

When factory administrators were looking for an easier way to signal shift changes, general alarm and breaks in areas of high ambient noise levels, they turned to Linortek. Now, the company that’s known for its expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology development has delivered their solution: the Linortek Netbell-KB Break Buzzer System.

The Netbell-KB break buzzer system is a compact, self-contained design that was created with ease-of-use in mind. The system is built on a TCP/IP platform with a built in web server, which allows users to access, control, and schedule their break buzzer accurately and effectively using an internet connection.

Netbell-KB All-in-one Break Buzzer System with Push Switch

Intended to be an all-in-one solution, the Netbell-KB features a 110db buzzer which can cover up to 25,000 square feet of working area, and a completely wired board installed within a NEMA-rated box; all software and mounting hardware required for installation is included. It’s ready to go out of the box, and one need only connect the unit to power and link to the existing network with the provided cables; it can be connected anywhere on the network, and does not require a direct connection to a PC. Scheduling and setup is accessed through any web browser using the included “Discover” program.

For those who wish to forego networking the Netbell-KB, it is also able to function as a stand-alone device. One need only connect the unit to a PC, upload their schedules, and then remove it from the network. Whether using this or the networked method, users can easily import their existing event schedules using a simple text format.

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About Linortek

Linor Technology, Inc. is a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoT). This North Carolina Corporation has developed multiple lines of web controllers and a new alert system is in development. This technology focus and expertise has enabled Linortek to take full advantage of the new generation of IoT for industries, consumers, and small- to mid-sized companies. Their products address the needs of control, monitoring, and alerts over the internet – including home appliance, security, lighting, and industrial automation – all controlled and monitored from easy-to-use websites or mobile applications.  

About Netbell™ Technology

Netbell™ is built on Linortek’s existing web-based controllers (the Fargo and Koda platforms) with special software designed for the bell system. Fargo and Koda were created for Internet of Things (IoT), the niche industry that connects all sorts of products through the internet. These platforms have been used in many applications including security, home automation, energy management, and manufacturing equipment.