Netbell™ Bell System, A Web-based Timed Alert System Via Internet of Things Technology

A compact, self-contained system provides an embedded, web page scheduling software for factories to build a fully automated timed alert system

When looking to upgrade or replace an existing school & factory break bell system, we have Netbell-K and Netbell-KL  self-contained, all-in-one network break bell systems for minimum efforts to setup an automatic bell system. If you don’t mind doing some wiring work, we offer IP – POE solutions for your consideration. Our Netbell-2-1BEL and Netbell-2-2BEL kits can help you build a network break bell system at an affordable price. Now it is easy for schools, factories to have a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling shift changes, general alarm breaks and any other timed signal applications.

Our Netbell product comes with a built-in real time clock with NTP automatic Internet time setting and gets its time from a standard internet NTP time server. It looks for time every 10 minutes from NTP server by default (users changeable), which maintains the time between requests with a Real Time Clock (RTC) within the main CPU. There is also a back-up RTC with battery power to maintain time during power interruptions or if not connected to the internet.

For those who wish to forego networking the Netbell, it is also able to function as a stand-alone device. Connecting the unit to a PC, upload the bell schedules, then remove, and it will function as scheduled. Whether stand-alone or networked, users can easily import/export their existing bell schedules using a simple text format.

If you are looking for a web-based all-in-one buzzer system of high ambient noise levels (100dBa @10′ ) , you can check Netbell-KB Buzzer System.

To control up to 8 existing bells , buzzers, tone generators or other timed equipment(12V/24V, 5A), you can check Netbell-8.

To control up to 4 existing bells , buzzers, tone generators or other timed equipment (12V/24V, 1A), you can check Netbell-4.

To control up to 2 existing bells , buzzers, tone generators or other timed equipment (110V, 10A), you can check Netbell-2.

Netbell Break Bell System Brochure C (739.1 KiB, 517 downloads)
Netbell Bell Controller Specificatios (159.1 KiB, 248 downloads)

The Key Features

  • Up to 500 bell event schedules, each schedule can set different duration for different event.
  • Import/export bell schedules from existing data in text format.
  • The built in web interface provides quick access to setup and manage your bell/buzzer over the Internet, no additional software or designated computer required.
  • Flexible and accurate control of when the bells ring (HH:MM:SS, SUNDAY-SATURDAY).
  • Built-in real time clock synchronizing with NTP server every 10 minutes (user changeable)
  • Completely configurable network settings including static or dynamic IP.
  • Built in rechargeable battery for power fail backup.
  • Program and web page interface are upgradable over the internet.
  • Designed, developed and made in USA.

Networked Bell System

For anyone who has separate areas or multiple buildings where running additional wiring is not an option, but the locations are connected by a network, then we have a solution using the remote feature built into our products. We call it “Networked Bell System”. With our Netbell product and our Koda web controller you can setup a system over a network to ring multiple bells or horns on multiple locations. The Netbell would work as your master control board for scheduling, and then with the remote function built in you can also control additional bells with Koda web controller remotely.