Linortek Updates School Bell Scheduling Software

Linortek announced today that it has expanded the feature set for its Linortek Netbell bell controllers, adding calendar feature to boost functionality of Netbell bell/buzzer systems. Netbell is a simple, cost effective timed alert software and hardware solution. New calendar feature allows more flexible scheduling.

bell scheduling
Bell Scheduling Interface

“We work closely with many schools,” said Gary Nalven, CEO of Linortek. “The feature emerged from a need that we kept hearing from our customers. Most schools have some special days that need to run different schedules. Examples include teach work days, assemble days and holidays. Our calendar scheduling feature can meet those special needs.”

In addition to calendar, Linortek’s Netbells have built-in real time clocks (RTC) for standalone use, besides the ability to sync time with NTP server when being connected to a network. This feature allows to pull the time from a trusted NTP server at user-settable update frequencies.