For anyone who has separate areas or multiple buildings where running additional wiring is not an option, but the locations are connected by a network, then we have a solution using the remote feature built into our products. We call it “Network Bell System”. With our Netbell product and our Koda web controller you can setup a system over a network to ring multiple bells or horns on multiple locations. The Netbell would work as your master control board for scheduling, and then with the remote function built in you can also control additional bells with Koda web controller remotely.

There are several ways to build a networked bell system. Here are three of simple examples to setup a multiple locations or areas bell system that can meet most of the requirements for our customers. If you have a complicated bell system, you can even use the IF … THEN statements – IF this THEN do that.  This provides a simple to program and powerful way to build a fully automated bell system.