Linortek Launches Netbell®-NTG Next Generation Commercial Tone/Message Generator and Controller

Linor Technology, Inc (Linortek), a solution provider in Internet of Things (IoTs) vertical markets, announced today the worldwide release of Netbell-NTG network tone/message generator. This innovative addition to the Netbell timed alert system line uses “Internet of Things” technology, to provide an all-in-one solution that can be used to play custom sounds for schools, factories, commercial businesses existing Public Address (PA) system to signal class changes, breaks, shift rotations, timer start and stop work, or for process monitoring, and other general alarms.

The Netbell-NTG is built on a TCP/IP platform and network enabled, it eliminates the need for wiring and control systems. With 40 standard tones/messages built into the system, Netbell®-NTG also allows users to add over 10 hours of pre-recorded custom tones and voice messages. Users can select and activate up to 16 tones or messages based on a set schedule or through digital inputs.

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