Elevate School Bells with Linortek’s Netbell-Ultra 300 Bell Controller

Manage Your School Bell Schedules from a Web Browser – Upgrade Your Bell Control System Today

Today’s educational environments demand both flexibility and precision in operations, from the classroom to the cafeteria. In this setting, the efficiency and reliability of timekeeping systems become of paramount importance. This is where the Linortek Netbell-Ultra 300 shines as the next evolution in network-enabled bell control systems.

Superior Network-Enabled Controller

The Netbell-Ultra 300 comes with an in-built web server, eliminating the need for additional software installation. This allows school administrators to access and control bell schedules right from any web browser, be it on a computer or a mobile device, from anywhere within the school’s network or the internet. This makes the task of initial setup and schedule management effortless, saving valuable time for IT staff and administrators.

Netbell-Ultra 300 Bell Controller With Web-based Software on PC

Unprecedented Flexibility in Scheduling

Thanks to its significantly enhanced RAM and FLASH memory, the Netbell-Ultra 300 can store up to 10 sets of schedules. For schools, this means they can easily manage regular day, half-day, holiday schedules, and more. Whether it’s accommodating different class schedules or arranging for special events, the Netbell-Ultra 300 makes schedule adjustments a breeze. Switching from one schedule to another is just a mouse-click away, providing a level of flexibility that traditional bell systems can’t match.

Automated Bell Control

With two relay outputs, the Ultra 300 can control up to two bells or buzzers automatically. The triggers can come from preset schedules, data from digital or analog inputs, or even RESTful API commands based on data from other network-enabled devices/systems such as the fire alarm systems or access control systems. This automated control reduces the risk of human error and ensures precision and consistency in bell timings.

Seamless Integration with PA Systems

Another standout feature is the Netbell-Ultra 300’s compatibility with existing Public Address systems. If your school already has a PA system equipped with a tone generator, the Ultra 300 can readily integrate with it, thereby eliminating the need for additional investment in a separate bell system. By activating the tones in your PA system, the Ultra 300 efficiently delivers the break time alerts, leveraging your existing infrastructure. This compatibility extends to Bogen paging and intercom systems, Valcom PA systems, and other popular school or factory public address systems in the market. This means the upgrade to the Ultra 300 is not just an upgrade in efficiency and control, but also a smart move financially.

Ultra 300 Bell Controller for PA system

Emergency Ringing Capabilities

School safety is always a top priority, and the Netbell-Ultra 300 aids in this by allowing manual emergency ringing of bells. A push switch can be wired to digital inputs, providing a quick and effective way to sound alarms in emergency situations.

As we move toward the conclusion of our discussion on the Netbell-Ultra 300, let’s not just take our word for it. One of our valued system integrator customers, who has installed several of these devices in schools, shares his perspective.

I’ve found the network function of the Netbell-Ultra 300 bell controller particularly useful. Once I install the device for my school customers, I just need to give them the IP address. From there, they can login from their web browser to change schedules if they need to. The ability to store up to 10 sets of schedules is an excellent feature. It’s incredibly useful for the schools and makes schedule changes easy.

I don’t need to do a lot of training for the school administrators. The web interface is so simple and straightforward that they can navigate it with ease.

Hearing feedback like this from the field confirms our belief in the Netbell-Ultra 300. It’s not just about providing a product but a comprehensive solution that simplifies operations and reduces workloads. Schools can rest assured knowing they have a reliable, easy-to-use, and powerful tool at their disposal.

In summary, the Netbell-Ultra 300 is a versatile solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern educational institutions. It’s time to upgrade to the next level of school bell systems with the Netbell-Ultra 300.

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