Software Configuration Videos

Getting Started Videos

To access the device built-in web-based software, you will need to find the device IP address on your network. There are different ways to find the IP address such using cmd command on your PC to ping the IP address, or logging to your router to find the device. The easiest way is to use our free Discover program to locate the device, it will display all Linortek devices once this program is installed on your computer. Watch the video “Install Java and Discover Program” below to get started.

Install Java and the Linortek Discover Program

Setting Time and Date

Netbell Software Initial Setup – Basic Settings

Netbell-NTG Initial Setup – Basic Settings

iTrixx-WFMN Wireless Hour Meter Initial Setup

iTrixx-WFMN WiFi Hour Meter Basic Setting

Configuring the Hour Meter on the IoTMeter