Our generic controllers – Fargo and Koda, are built on TCP/IP platform with a built in web server, using relay switched outputs, opto-isolated inputs and analog inputs, to upgrade any stand-alone physical hardwired device to a network/ Internet control product, adding customized Internet control and monitoring capabilities for different applications. Fargo and Koda let you access, control and monitor these devices with standard Internet browsers and Android & iPhone apps.

Our products are designed on a standard platform that is feature rich at a low cost. As we design and develop the hardware and software, we can quickly create customized variants with features that meet a manufacturer’s unique needs, and transform your products to web-enabled devices with little or no upfront investment, reducing your time to marketplace from years to months.

  • Customized Tablet App

  • Standard Tablet App

  • Customized Web Interface & Logo

  • Standard Web Interface

  • Custom Software for Niche Market - Netbell Bell System

  • Custom Software for Niche Market - Network Hour Meter

Rushing to meet the swelling demand for Internet-enabled products, but do not have access to TCP/IP development or the current product volume can’t support funding one? Drop us a note, we can help!

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Why Us?

Linortek’s competitive edge stems from the founder and other team members’ years experience in electronics development, manufacturing and marketing. We know what the industrial customer needs and we are able to create a solution faster and cheaper than our competitors.

Our current products are state of the art, and benefit from continuous product development. Some key differentiation with other competitors includes:

  • Everything needed comes with the product, smart phones, tablets and PCs communicate directly with the controller to control and operate; there is no 3rd party server that you need to pay a monthly fees to.
  • We design and develop the hardware and software, we can make minor changes on the product to create multiple solutions independently on what the solution needs to be.
  • In-house design and manufacturing ability which can offer our customer MOQ (minimum order quantity) as low as one unit.
  • Product compatible across multiple platforms (Browser, Android, iPhone and Cloud platform).
  • More flexible than other competitors. Our products can run without network connection once it is setup and scheduled the tasks as you need. The controller can still function as scheduled even the network drop off. This is more advanced than any other products in the market.

We specialize in low-to-mid-volume assembly manufacturing and quick turn prototype assembly. Turnkey and consigned jobs can be quoted and processed. Our experienced design and process engineers will provide you with exceptional service to fulfill your contract manufacturing requirements.