Netbell® Break Buzzer System

A network-enabled, easy-to-deploy, extra loud break buzzer system for warehouses, factories to signal timer lunch break, start and stop of work

No more manual bell ringing or complicated wiring – streamline your facility’s operations and eliminate manual break time management with the TCP/IP-based Netbell® Break Buzzer System.

Designed for large, high-noise industrial environments like factories and warehouses, the Netbell® Break Buzzer System makes it simple for facility managers to set up a system to schedule break times, shift changes, and other timed alerts. With its easy-to-use web interface, accurate timer functionality, and plug-and-play installation, you can have a fully automated IP-based alert system up and running quickly.

For busy facility, operations, maintenance and safety managers, we offer the self-contained all-in-one break buzzer system – an easy plug & play solution that saves valuable time – you just need to plug it to your network switch and AC outlets with the provided cable and power supply. This networked system allows you to schedule alerts and have an automated break buzzer up and running across your facility quickly with no wiring required.

Looking for a more budget-friendly solution? The Netbell Buzzer Kit provides a cost-effective DIY option perfect for small-to-medium businesses. Designed as a low voltage system, with just a screwdriver, you can install the buzzers in your facility, connect them to the Netbell controller using 2-conductor speaker wires, no need to hire professional installers. Easy installations allow business owners and technically-skilled managers to customize placement with 16AWG cables running up to 500ft between components – providing flexibility without complexity.