iTrixx WiFi Hour Meter – Wireless Equipment Runtime Monitor and Alert System

Innovative WiFi Hour Meter uses ‘Internet of Things’ technology remotely read hour meter on any powered equipment

  • Collect Data Remotely

    • WiFi enabled all-in-one system, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees
    • Internet independent using your intranet
    • Record time from 0 to 999,999.99 hours
    • Two separate hour meters with independent triggers
    • Multiply triggers Input/Relay/Input Voltage
    • Impact Sensor for recording impacts
    • Monitor multiple equipment runtime remotely from PC or mobile devices

  • Use Data with Ease

    • Automatically connect and report its current runtime data when the equipment passes within the WiFi range
    • User settable data report interval (in minutes) giving you flexible control of when to get the data
    • Integrate hour readings data to your own management software using a UDP broadcast or directly query the JSON output
    • Built-in MQTT protocol provides a standard method of communication with any IoT platforms and applications