Using the Netbell Bell Controller for Existing PA System

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient communication is important in schools, factories, and various institutions. Public Address systems are essential tools for communication, primarily used for making announcements. However, updating older systems with features like break time alerts or emergency notifications would be expensive, or even impossible. As a result, there’s a growing demand for a simple solution that can add new features to an existing system. The Netbell Bell Controller serves as the perfect tool for this purpose. With its flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of PA systems – including Bogen paging and intercom systems, Valcom PA systems, and other school/factory public address systems in the market, it’s a great choice for those looking to add more functions without having to spend a fortune on these additional features. Whether you have an existing PA system with or without a built-in tone generator, the Netbell has you covered.

Ultra 300 Bell Controller for PA system

Netbell-NTG Tone Generator for System Without a Built-in Tone Generator

For many organizations, the existing PA system might not come with a built-in tone generator or bell scheduling function. This omission means they can’t set break alerts, emergency notifications, or make regular announcements such as setup automated reminder. Installing a separate bell system can be a significant investment, especially for businesses with extensive facilities or large areas to cover. However, if your current PA system has an available audio input, you can integrate the Netbell-NTG to generate and schedule tones/messages without the expense of adding an entirely separate bell system.

Here are some standout features of integrating the Netbell-NTG to your existing system:

  • Web-based Software: Easily schedule and generate tones from any browser.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with virtually any PA or intercom systems.
  • Multi-functionality: Use it for break alerts, regular announcements, automated reminders, emergency notifications, and more.

This product revolutionizes the way businesses can utilize their existing PA systems, allowing for enhanced functionality without heavy investment.

Application Sample: Using Netbell-NTG for Valcom V-2001A for More Tones

The Valcom V-2001A comes with two built-in tones. If you want use custom sounds or your own pre-recorded messages for your Valcom V-2001A, you can use a Netbell-NTG and connect the Line Out to the Background Music input of your Valcom V-2001A. Make sure the volume on your Valcom V-2001A is set to on and you can adjust the volume with “Music Vol” knob (R2) if needed.

Application Sample: Using Netbell-NTG for Bogen PCM 2000 PCMTIM for More Tones

If you want use custom sounds or your own pre-recorded messages for your Bogen PCM 2000 and you have a PCMTIM module, you can use a Netbell-NTG and connect the Line Out to the BGM SRC and RT terminals of your Bogen PCMTIM. Then follow the PCMTIM manual to enable the background music input. Once the background music input is enabled, you can use Netbell-NTG for tone generating and event scheduling for your Bogen PCM 2000 system.

Netbell Bell Controller for System with Built-in Tone Generator

If your PA system has tone generator built into the system AND THE SYSTEM HAS CONTACT CLOSURE TONE ACTIVATION FUNCTION. You can use any Netbell bell controller to activate and schedule the tones. The relays in the Netbell controller act as simple closure switches, which means you can activate different tones depending on the number of relays your Netbell unit has. For instance, a Netbell-2 can activate two tones, while a Netbell-8 can handle eight.

Below are some typical applications that we have worked with our customers.

Using Netbell Bell Controller for Viking Tone Generator

Integrating the Netbell bell controller to a Viking tone generator is straightforward. All you need is a 2-ply stranded wire. Connect one end to the TONE SELECTION terminal (based on your tone choice) and the other end to the SELECT COM terminal. The other side of this wire should then be connected to one of the relay outputs of the Netbell bell controller.

Using Netbell Bell Controller for Valcom V-2001A Page Control Unit

This unit comes with two built-in sounds. you can simply use the Netbell bell controller to activate and schedule the Valcom V-2001A sounds. Using a 2-ply stranded wire to connect the Valcom unit to the Netbell bell controller. Connect one side of the wire to the desired tone terminals. The other side of this wire should then be connected to one of the relay outputs of the Netbell controller.

Using a Netbell Bell Controller for Bogen PCM 2000 Control Programming Unit

The Netbell bell controller can be used for existing Bogen system as long as you have a PCM CPU module. To wire Netbell controller to Bogen PCM 2000, wire one side of the Netbell output to PCM 2000 EM/SC terminal, wire the other side of the Netbell output to GND. Once you’ve wired the Netbell to the PCM CPU module, you’ll need to program the Bogen built-in tones for which you should refer to the PCMCPU module manual. Once done, you can effortlessly schedule and activate tones using the Netbell bell controller.

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