Using Port Forwarding to Connect to Remote Device

Sometimes your business may require you to connect to your IoT Meter or Netbell unit from outside your work network. This can be done by port forwarding your device to the internet. You will need administrator access to the router your Linortek device is connected to, and you will need Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service from either or The third option on the drop down menu: is currently bugged and pending an update. This guide will use service from

Assigning a Static IP to Your Device

You will need to begin by logging into your router and assign a static IP address to your device. First, find your router’s DHCP address range. Because each brand of router will have a different interface, you may have to search through your router’s menus to find it. It will look similar to this.

Next, log in to your Linortek device and navigate to the Network Config page

Enter a Host Name, an unused Port Number, and an IP Address outside of your router’s DHCP range. Make sure to uncheck the Enable DHCP option.

Click Save Config and your device will reboot with a new IP address. You will be able to find it in the Discoverer app.

Port Forwarding

Now that your device has a static IP address from your router, you will need to have your router forward it to the internet. Go back into your router and find the option for Port Forwarding. On our Linksys router it is found in the Security page under the Apps and Gaming tab. Enter the server name, the port you chose in the previous step, for Protocol select Both, enter your device’s IP address, and select Enable. Then save your settings.

Setup DDNS

Next navigate to and log in.from your account page, select Add Host Services and enter your host name and the IP address you assigned to your device.

Finally, log in to your device and and navigate to Configure > Dynamic DNS. Check the Use DDNS box and select DynDNS from the DDNS Service list. Enter your username and password for your account. The Host address will be the host name and domain you chose on Click Save Config.

You can now enter the host name and port number to access your device from any computer connect to the internet and even on your smartphone. In this example, you would enter into your browser on any internet connected computer or mobile device.