Netbell-KB External Buzzer Kit

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Netbell-KB External Buzzer Kit
Netbell-KB External Buzzer Kit

Netbell-KB External Buzzer Kit

$446.00USD $396.00
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This is an external buzzer kit for the Netbell-KB and Netbell-KB-M2. It includes an extra loud buzzer, a weatherproof backbox, one 24VAC power transformer and a buzzer cable with a CP connector that provides quick connect/disconnect the buzzer to the Netbell-KB and Netbell-KB-M2 external relay output. To add this external buzzers to the Netbell-KB or Netbell-KB-M2 is incredibly easy, just connect the external buzzer kit with the provided cable, plug the cable to the Netbell-KB or Netbell-KB-M2 external buzzer CP connector, you are all set. The external buzzers can be connected at 250 feet away with 18AWG cable (500 feet with 16AWG cable) to the Netbell-KB server.

The Model 350 Vibratone Horns produce a very loud horn tone by the electro-mechanical vibration of a diaphragm. Federal Signal's Vibratone horn is excellent for general alarm, start and dismissal, coded paging, and process control signaling in areas of high ambient noise levels. The Model 350 produces 100dBa @ 10' Vibratone mounting on 4-inch square weatherproof back box, the buzzer's volume is adjustable. There is no controller for scheduling and operating for this buzzer kit, it's used as an external buzzer for the Netbell-KB and Netbell-KB-M2 all-in-one buzzer system.

Kit includes:
1. One 4 inch Federal Signal 350-024-30 Horn, 24VAC, produces 100dBA @ 10', color: grey, volume adjustable
2. One weatherproof back box for the bell, color: grey
3. One 3-meter buzzer cable with CP connector to connect to the Netbell-KB and Netbell-KB-M2 buzzer system
4. One 24VAC power transformer to power the buzzer

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