Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller

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Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller
Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller

Netbell-K24/12 Network Bell Controller

USD $0.00
Model Number: 01-910-00103
Modernize Your Bell System with Netbell-K12/24 bell controller - designed for schools, factories, and warehouses, the K12/24 is an IP-based, cost-effective solution to upgrade your outdated bell timer controller. This easy-to-deploy device enhances your existing break time bell alarm systems without monthly fees. Upgrade your bell system today and streamline your operations with this powerful, user-friendly device.
This is a plug & play network bell controller in the Netbell family that can be used to control one bell/buzzer or any other signal devices up to 1.6A directly. This controller includes everything you will need for installation and operation, the bell output that can provide 24VAC or 12VDC@1.6A power to power your device, no additional power supply needed. There are two voltage types available, please select one that can fit your requirements.
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  • Add 1 Palm Switch (Maintained)
  • Add One Network Push Button Switch Set (4 Buttons)
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Manufacturer: Linortek
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Key Features

- Web-based Control: Access and manage schedules from any web browser, no software installation required

- Flexible Scheduling: Weekday or calendar-based bell scheduling giving you the flexibility of bell control

- 500 Programmable Events: Easily set up breaks, shift changes, and automated reminders

- 1 Bell Output: 24VAC/1.6A or 12VDC/1.6A depending on the model you select, it can be used to control a 24VAC/12VDC audible/visual signal devices directly, no additional power sources needed.

- Manual Override: Digital inputs allow wiring of a push switch for emergency manual ringing

- Cost-Effective: Built on TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server, all hardware and software included

- "Install and Forget" Reliability: Manage your bell system from anywhere with an Internet-enabled device

Enhanced Safety Features:

Set up automated drills for fire, active shooter, and tornado warnings using the calendar-based scheduling function. This ensures regular emergency response training for all employees.

What's in the Box

Each Netbell-K24 kit includes:

  • Netbell-K12/24 SERVER
  • One 3-meter power cable
  • One 3-meter RJ45 network cable
  • One 3-meter bell cables (CP Connector)
  • One 12VAC power supply
  • Wall mounting brackets and hardware
  • 10M/100M RJ45 Internet interface with connection and activity LEDs
  • 1 bell output: wet contact , 24VAC/1.6A for Netbell-K24, 12VDC/1.6A for Netbell-K12
  • Power input: 24VAC/12VAC (power transformer included)
  • Status LEDs (pulse, bootloader, and locate)
  • Ethernet Bootloader (for server hardware code upgrade)
  • Enclosure: ABS, IP67 /150mm x 150mm x 90mm (Mounting hardware supplied)
  • Accessories: One 3-Meter Power Cable, One 1-Meter RJ45 Network Cable, One Bell Cable (CP connector)
  • On board temperature sensor and input voltage sensor
  • Working Temperature from 0 to +70 Celsius
  • Storage Temperature from -40 to +125 Celsius
  • Humidity from 10% to 80% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 90mm
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