Netbell-2 Network Bell Controller

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$485.00USD $427.00
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller
Netbell-2 Network Bell  Controller

Netbell-2 Network Bell Controller

$485.00USD $427.00
Model Number: 01-910-00014
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This controller is designed for only low voltage control (no more than 48 volts). If you need to control a device greater than 48V, you will need to use this interface relay kit.
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Manufacturer: Linor Technology
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The Netbell-2 web-based bell controller is built on a TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server and special software designed for scheduling a bell system, all software and mounting hardware required for installation and operation are included. With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule bells over a network or the Internet, no additional software or designated computer required. With the special designed easy-to-use BellScheduler desk app, manage & schedule multiple Netbell devices in a few clicks, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy. It’s an ideal solution for schools, factories, warehouses to build a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling class changes, shift rotations, breaks, general alarm and any other timed signal applications.

The Netbell-2 is housed in a Din-rail mountable enclosure (To mount the Netbell-2 onto a DIN rail, you will need to purchase a DIN Rail Mount Clip separately). There are 2 relay outputs (Dry Contact, 1-Form-A relay 30VDC@8A, 48VAC@8A Max) with removable terminal block connector that provides quick connect/disconnect capability simplifying installation, allows you to control up to 2 bells/buzzer and other timed signal equipment. Each device can be connected at 500 feet away from the controller with 16AWG cable (250ft/18AWG) with a suitable power source. With the digital inputs you can wire a push switch for ringing bells manually.

It's ready to go out of the box, and you need only connect the unit to power 12VDC or POE and network with the provided cable; it can be connected anywhere on the network and does not require a direct connection to a PC. Scheduling and setup are accessed through any standard web browser or the BellScheduler desk app. For those who wish to forego networking the Netbell-2, it is also able to function as a stand-alone device. Connecting the unit to a PC, upload the bell schedules, then remove, and it will function as scheduled.

Using Netbell Bell Controller for PA System 

The Netbell bell controller can be used with any PA systems to schedule and activate the tones for break time alerts. It’s compactible with Bogen paging and intercom systems, Valcom PA system and other school/factory public address system in the market as long as there is a tone generator built into the system and the system has contact closure tone activation function. The relays on the Netbell controller can be setup to activate different tones on a tone generator depending on how many relays the controller has. For example, a Netbell-2 can be used to activate two tones, Netbell-8 for 8 tones, etc. Wiring each one of the relays to a different tone activation terminal, the relays act as simple closure switches.  Learn more here.

Download printable product information

Netbell-2 Network Break Bell Controller Product Info (654.8 KiB)

Case Study: Modernizing Bell System with Netbell 2 at Bethune School District R5

Download the case study:

Upgrading School Bell System With Netbell-2 Bell Controller Case Study (592.4 KiB)

The Key Features

•COMPACT AND SELF-CONTAINED:  Network enabled, all-in-one automatic bell controller with the hardware and software you need to control your timed alert system. No extra software or designated computer required. Adding schedules from any computer on your network without having to go through the firewall

•FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Up to 500 programmable event schedules, each event can be set to a different duration for different break time. Create different schedules for different events in a txt format and switch the schedules as needed with a few clicks

•EASY TO USE: With the built-in remote function and BellScheduler desk app, you can manage & schedule multiple Netbell devices whether in a single building, multiple buildings or multiple locations from one easy-to-use interface, without the need of logging in to each device or hard-wiring the bells to a central control station, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy

•EASY TO INSTALL: Use as either a network or a standalone device, connect to network or directly to computer for initial setup then it will work as scheduled. With the built-in Real Time Clock and user settable NTP server, you can accurate control of when the bells ring (HH:MM:SS, MM/DD/YYYY, SUNDAY-SATURDAY) or pull the time from your existing NTP server

EASY TO EXPAND: Each Netbell device is a web SERVER, it’s an independent system which includes its own hardware and software, you can add more units as your business growing without significant infrastructure changes

• 10M/100M RJ45 Internet interface with connection and activity LEDs
• 2 Relay outputs (Dry Contact, 1-Form-A  30VDC@8A, 48VAC@8A Max)
• 2 optically isolated digital inputs, 12V 1mA or pull down switch selectable
• Status LEDs (pulse, bootloader, and locate)
• Ethernet Bootloader (for server hardware code upgrade)
• POE or 12VDC @500mA (nominal)
• AC converter supplied, 100-240VAC50/60Hz
• 1 meter CAT5 cable supplied
• On board temperature sensor and input voltage sensor
• Reset/ Locate push-button
• Working temperature from 0 to +65 Celsius
• Storage temperature from -40 to +125 Celsius
• Humidity from 10% to 80% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm x 25mm
• Supported Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/SNTP

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