Netbell Bell and Buzzer Sounds

Regular Netbell Bell/buzzer system can only produce a solid sound, you can set different durations for different events. Below are the bell and buzzer sound sample.

Netbell-NTG Standard Sound List

Below are are standard sounds that come with your Netbell-NTG device. You can add your own to the Netbell-NTG SD card if you like (up to 10 hours).
Note: We have updated the Netbell-NTG standard sound file on May 20, 2021. If you purchased the device prior to this date, please use the old sound file in the next section.

To download all the standard sound files, including the additional emergency sounds, click HERE

Netbell-NTG Special Sound List

Below are are a list of custom sounds created by some of our favorite customers who shared with us, we have their permission to post them here, please help yourself to use it on your Netbell-NTG if you like. You are very welcome!

If you create special sound file like this for your Netbell-NTG, please feel free to share with us so other customers can thank you in the future.

Netbell-KMB Tone List

The Netbell-KMB comes with 80 alarm tones with 4 stages, below are the lists of the tones that come with your Netbell-KMB device.

Note: Tone 1 is silence tone, so it’s not on our audio list.