Linortek Unveils iTrixx Hour Meter Data Integration with Upkeep for Optimized Work Order Processes

Pioneering Solution Leverages MQTT Protocol, Enabling Seamless Data Retrieval and Streamlined CMMS Maintenance Software Procedures for Remote Construction Equipment.

Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a pioneering developer of controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a significant advancement in its data integration capabilities with UpKeep, a leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). This integration, developed in response to a request from a key client, not only enables seamless and automatic data retrieval from iTrixx equipment hour meters, but also facilitates automatic work order generation within the UpKeep CMMS, profoundly enhancing maintenance management efficiency.

This innovative solution was developed in response to a request from a client, an industry-leading installer of deep foundation systems for energy, manufacturing, and industrial projects throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, and South America. They sought a solution to replace manual hour meter entries for their remote construction equipment, with automated data retrieval that could be integrated with their existing UpKeep CMMS software.

The successful integration was achieved through a newly developed program from Linortek. The program, leveraging the MQTT protocol, is capable of publishing data to UpKeep in a format understood by the UpKeep API. The significant update to the software now enables data from Linortek iTrixx hour meter devices to be sent directly to UpKeep, eliminating the need for manual entries and improving overall efficiency.

At Linortek, we’re dedicated to crafting solutions tailored to our client’s needs. After evaluating multiple options and engaging with the UpKeep team, we found the most efficient approach would be to develop a new program that integrates seamlessly with the UpKeep CMMS software. We’re thrilled to offer this integration to the wider network of UpKeep users and help more companies overcome similar challenges.

Maria, the technical support manager at Linortek

Following the successful development, internal testing, and subsequent launch of this software enhancement, Linortek reiterates its commitment to advancing operational efficiency and strengthening client relationships. The integration with UpKeep, a significant player in the CMMS market, is a remarkable accomplishment for Linortek and signifies a promising path for further industry collaborations.

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