Linortek Case Study: PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training Custom Alarm System with Netbell-NTG

Background: PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training is a five-star dog boarding, training and grooming spa in Sadler, Texas. From swimming to hiking to K9 massage, each dog receives specialized attention geared toward its needs. The climate-controlled luxury doggie suites feature raised toddler beds, dining bowls, flat-screen televisions, chandeliers and private, covered patios that give guests 24-hour access to the outdoors. Safe, comfortable and fun for pets of all ages and activity levels, PlayStayTion strives to make a dog’s time away from home relaxing and enjoyable.

Challenges: In order to provide a superior spa experience for PlayStayTion’s canine clientele, the resort wanted its small but dedicated staff catering to the dogs. The layout of the resort, with two kennel wings and a large, outdoor area, made it difficult to hear when new guests entered the reception area for check-in, leaving guests waiting for service. Additionally, PlayStayTion wanted to find a way to notify staff and guests for scheduled meal and activity times while maintaining the ambiance of a spa.  

Solutions: PlayStayTion owners, Vicki and Will Nourse, found Linortek’s Netbell® system online. Although not actively looking for bells, they noticed that Netbell allowed customers to create and record their own messages. Netbell easily connected existing PA systems, and they could assign a tone for the front door. Linortek’s customer service helped them create the schedule and followed up to make sure everything was working well.  

Device Purchased: Netbell-NTG Tone Generator


Results: The Netbell system helps PlayStayTion manage its guests and staff in a unique and structured way, setting its pet resort experience apart from other boarding, training and grooming facilities. When customers enter the lobby, a tone plays to inform staff, ensuring that customers receive prompt attention. Netbell’s customizable messages and tones give PlayStayTion the spa atmosphere to match their service. Instead of harsh doorbells and loud announcements, PlayStayTion has calming, soft tones that don’t trigger barking, and messages such as “Okay, doggies. It’s two p.m. Time to play. Your activity instructor will be.…”  

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