Network Hour Meter – Connect your off-line equipment to the network, monitor equipment operating hours remotely in real-time from a web browser or HourCollector Desk App

Innovative Network Hour Meter uses ‘Internet of Things’ technology accurately monitoring elapsed time for any stationary equipment.


    • Network enabled all-in-one system
    • No third-party server necessary, no monthly fees
    • Record time from 0 to 999,999.99 hours
    • Resettable hours to use with existing equipment
    • Non-resettable option available
    • Two separate hour meters with independent triggers
    • Multiply triggers input/relay/input voltage
    • Monitor runtime for multiple pieces of equipment with HourCollector desktop app

  • Use Data with Ease

    • Flexible data collection with user-settable data report intervals
    • Import the hour readings data in CSV file to your management system
    • Automatically transfer data with the RESTful API
    • Send hour-reading data to a custom database via UDP
    • Signal alarm devices when maintenance is required with relay output