Getting Started

This is the basic information you need to know on how to setup your device.

A Quick Start Guide - B (1.4 MiB, 1241 downloads)

Netbell Setting Instruction F (1.7 MiB, 1503 downloads)

Networked Bell System Setting Instructions (335.3 KiB, 466 downloads)

Network Hour Meter Setting Instruction C (673.3 KiB, 661 downloads)

Wifi Bridge Setup Guide B (492.5 KiB, 775 downloads)

Using Netbell for PA System (477.0 KiB, 257 downloads)

Wiring Demo

Instructions on how to wire your devices.

Network Hour Meter Equipment Wiring Demo (106.5 KiB, 353 downloads)

NETBELL Bell Wiring Demo C (1.8 MiB, 908 downloads)

Fargo R4 Wiring Demo (33.9 KiB, 979 downloads)

Typical Low Voltage Wiring (KODA) (14.4 KiB, 237 downloads)

Typical Low Voltage Wiring (Fargo) (13.7 KiB, 161 downloads)

Advanced Setting

Port your devices to the Internet, RESTful command and reset to factory default.

Porting a Fargo (75.6 KiB, 459 downloads)

Accessing with RESTful (69.9 KiB, 922 downloads)

Reset to Factory Default (142.9 KiB, 295 downloads)

Update Software Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to update SERVER software and webpage.

Update Software Instructions (799.2 KiB, 774 downloads)