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Linortek launches Wireless IoTMeter Equipment Hour Meter

Linor Technology, Inc. announces the availability of its wireless IoTMeter Equipment Hour Meter. IoTMeter is a wireless equipment runtime monitor and alert system. This device remotely collects real-time data on offline industrial vehicles and powered equipment, enabling companies to stay on top of routine maintenance to minimize equipment downtime and lost revenue.

Using Port Forwarding to Connect to Remote Device

Sometimes your business may require you to connect to your IoT Meter or Netbell unit from outside your work network. This can be done by port forwarding your device to the internet. You will need administrator access to the router your Linortek device is connected to, and you will need Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service from […]

Export Hour Meter Data to Use on Your Own Database

After installing the IoTMeter on your equipment and configuring the software, the Linortek IoTMeter will record the equipment’s run time hours. You can monitor the real time data either from the built-in webpage or the HourCollector desktop app. Many companies have their own management software and would like to integrate the equipment hour readings to […]

Linortek Launches Netbell®-NTG Next Generation Commercial Tone/Message Generator and Controller

Linor Technology, Inc (Linortek), a solution provider in Internet of Things (IoTs) vertical markets, announced today the worldwide release of Netbell-NTG network tone/message generator. This innovative addition to the Netbell timed alert system line uses “Internet of Things” technology, to provide an all-in-one solution that can be used to play custom sounds for schools, factories, commercial businesses existing Public […]