Ethernet I/O Controller - Real Time Monitoring and Control Offline Devices Over the Web

Linortek designs, develops and manufactures web-based, Ethernet I/O controllers for industries, consumers and small to mid-size companies. All of Linortek’s Ethernet I/O controllers are TCP/IP based with built in software for ease of use, no additional software or programming required, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees.

There are multiple platforms with either or all of the following, digital inputs, analog inputs and built in relays. Linortek’s products can be used in such applications as gates/doors, lights, manufacturing equipment, HVAC, school bell system and many more.


Netbell™ Web-based Bell System

The Netbell™ was designed as an easy-to-use, scalable automated bell system. Developed at the behest of school administrators who were looking for a simpler and more effective way to control their bells. The system is an Ethernet I/O device which is built on a TCP/IP platform that can be installed anywhere in the network without need for a direct PC connection. The internal clock synchs with the NTP server for precise timekeeping, and users who have a complex bell schedule already laid out can import their existing schedule into the Netbell™ system using text format. Read More

Koda Web Controller

Koda is a feature-rich, web-based Ethernet I/O remote relay controller. It is a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure, providing real-time monitoring capability, email alerts with its built in easy-to-use web interface. Koda is built on a flexible platform which can be easily integrated with another application or system as a basic I/O module, or used as a stand-alone Ethernet I/O automation controller for such applications as security and gate control, access control, industrial equipment monitoring, building automation system, environmental monitoring, and many more. Read More

Fargo Web Controller

Fargo is a web-enabled Ethernet I/O module with built in web server, by using its relay outputs, digital inputs and analog inputs, Fargo lets you have access to remote control and monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood/water, room entry, bell system with any standard web browser or smartphone Apps from anywhere, no central unit or server needed, no additional software or programming required. Fargo can be used in such applications as lights, security, access control, industrial equipment, building automation, HVAC, bell system and many more.Read More