Ethernet I/O Controller – Real Time Monitoring and Control Offline Devices Over the Web

Linortek designs, develops and manufactures web-based, Ethernet I/O controllers for industries, consumers and small to mid-size companies. All of Linortek’s Ethernet I/O controllers are TCP/IP based with built in software for ease of use, no additional software or programming required, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees.

There are multiple platforms with either or all of the following, digital inputs, analog inputs and built in relays. Linortek’s products can be used in such applications as gates/doors, lights, manufacturing equipment, HVAC, school bell system and many more.

Netbell™ Web-based Bell System

Linortek Netbell™ is an easy-of-use and scalable web-based, custom developed bell controller for schools, factories and other organizations that are in need of building an automatic bell system. The system is an Ethernet I/O device which is built on a TCP/IP platform with a built in web server and special software designed for scheduling/ringing a bell system over the Internet without need for a direct PC connection. Supplied with up to 500 event schedules and different bell ringing type that can be set be users.

Koda Web Controller

Koda is a web-based Ethernet I/O remote relay controller. It is a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure, providing real-time monitoring capability, email alerts with its built in easy-to-use web interface. It has up to 4 relay outputs which can drive low voltage to line voltage external devices, 2 digital inputs that can display state, frequency, period or as a counter. Koda can be used for such applications as security, access control, industrial equipment monitoring, building automation system, environmental monitoring, and many more.

Fargo Web Controller

Fargo is a Web Relay I/O Controller with real time remote monitoring & control capability, email alerts of various user selectable events. It is built on TCP/IP platform with a built in web server. It is a bare board unit with up to 8 low voltage relay outputs, 4 optically isolated digital inputs that can display state, frequency, period or as a counter, 4 analog inputs allows Fargo to read the value of external equipment. Fargo can be used in such applications as lights, security, access control, industrial equipment, building automation, HVAC,bell system and many more.

Why Choose Linortek Ethernet I/O Devices


Our Ethernet I/O controller is an all-in-one system with the hardware and software you need to control & monitor your electrical devices or equipment over the Internet, no 3rd party server and no monthly fees.

Fully programmable

All of the Ethernet I/O devices are supplied with up to 16 schedules which are constructed as IF … THEN statements. Providing a simple and powerful way to take advantage of the data acquired by the controller.


The built in web interface provides quick access to setup and manage your devices with no additional software or designated computer required, program and web page interface are upgradable over the internet.


Use the controller as either a network device or a standalone device. Install the unit anywhere on the network. With POE enabled, it is easy to install and connects through your Ethernet connection without the need for additional power.

As we design and build our own product, we are also able to create a totally custom hardware device. This may be used to solve specific problems or for installation into a product that you manufacture. Utilizing our standard hardware and software building blocks, we can put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means that your new product carries a tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties.

All of our servers are built on the same basic TCP/IP platform providing a more stable and tested product. This stack executes on a 32 bit processor and utilizes standard interfaces making it able to communicate with most internet browsers and devices.

Linor Technology is also able to create totally custom web pages for it’s servers. Maybe a look and feel or a special way to present data, we can do the job. New software may be uploaded to fix bugs or add features. This is also customizable if your requirements are outside of our normal features.

About Us

Linor Technology, Inc., a North Carolina corporation, is a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoTs), a market which involves web connecting all types of products. We have developed multiple lines of web controllers and a new Cloud based alert system is in development. This technology focus and expertise has enabled us to take full advantage of the new generation of IoTs for consumer, generic business and vertical business that combine all the needs of remote control, monitoring and alert over the Internet, from home appliance, security, lighting, industrial automation – all controlled and monitored from a simple and easy to use web page or mobile application.

Why Us?

Linortek’s competitive edge stems from the founder’s 30 years of experience in electronics technology and its high technical specifications of its products. Our current products are state of the art, and benefit from continuous product development.  We also source materials from world-wide suppliers to establish a high value, low cost supply chain to make our price competitive. Moreover, Linortek’s product is built on a standard platform, allowing us to put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means we will provide our customers new product based on tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties.

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