Fargo is an internet enabled / web remote relay control I/O device with a built in web server that uses a TCP/IP platform. This makes Fargo reliable and featured rich. Fargo works with a standard internet browser and through android and iPhone apps. As part of the software there is a built in scheduler and you can also control the board thru RESTful commands. You get all this with no 3rd party server and no monthly fees. You can use Fargo for automatic remote reboot, data acquisition for home, Industrial and farm automation, POE enabled.

The key features of Fargo:

• Built-in web server with an easy-to-use web interface and no additional software or programming required to operate.
• Free iPhone and Android Apps.
• No 3rd party server and no monthly fees.
• Email notification of various user selectable events.
• Multiple events scheduler.
• Over 10,000 item log, downloadable and customizable.
• NTP automatic internet time setting.
• Completely configurable network settings including static or dynamic IP.
• Built in DYNDNS interface.
• Password protection.
• Built-in board temperature and power supply sensors.
• Ability to connect directly to a computer (cross over cable may be required).
• Program and web page interface are upgradable over the internet.
• Designed in USA. Made in USA.

How is Fargo different from the other products in the market?

Linortek Web Remote Relay Control I/O Board

Linortek Web Remote Relay Control I/O Board

There are a lot of boxes on the internet these days. Our experience comes from industrial controls. We have a lot of vertical applications we are working on and our first Fargo represents our basic platform. We design and build our products at our North Carolina facility and each product represents a finished working unit. Hook it up and go!

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